Diesel generators has changed in major ways. Back in the day, diesel generators were something used in farming, construction, and transportation industries and it WAS loud and dirty. But because of its superior fuel efficiency and ability to outlast other types of generators by 20:1 - it was the clear choice.

Today, with the stringent emissions regulations that have been introduced, new “clean diesel” engine options are available that are perfectly suited for home power generation.

The new engines don't smoke, smell bad or make a lot of noise. They deliver significant fuel and cost savings and can run nonstop for weeks at a time.


United Tech Power diesel engines have overcome disadvantages of earlier models of higher noise and maintenance costs. They are now super quiet and require less maintenance as compared to gas engines of similar size.

The main pros of diesel generators are: 

  • Relatively low maintenance. This is because the generator’s engine requires fewer components to start, so you won’t have to worry about changing spark plugs or rebuilding carburetors like you would have to with a gas engine.
  • Durability. Diesel engines are quite tough in the workplace, so they will hold up through much wear and tear in a variety of environmental conditions.
  • Safe storage. While still flammable, diesel carries a much lower risk for igniting than other types of fuel, like gasoline.
  • Power output. Diesel generators are capable of handling larger power loads and will run for longer durations than other types of generators available.
  • More rugged and reliable.
  • Easy access to fuel. Often portable diesel generators are transported on the back of diesel vehicles. This means you don’t need to have two different fuel types when you’re out and about doing work.

The main pros of diesel generators compared to petrol generators:

  • Diesel engines are more fuel efficient that petrol engines. This means longer running time when running at the same capacity. Some diesel engines consume up to half as much fuel as compatible petrol engines.
  • Diesel fuel is cheaper than petrol meaning they are cheaper to run.
  • Diesel powered engines require less maintenance. This is in part due to diesel engines not having spark plugs or carburetors. This means no need to replace spark plugs or rebuild carburetors.
  • In terms of life span, a diesel engine is much longer lasting. When compared to a typical petrol engine, a diesel engine can last up to 3 times longer.
  • Diesel fuel is safer with less risk of ignition when compared to petrol.

With lower costs, less regular maintenance needs, and a much more efficient source of fuel, United Tech Power diesel generators could be the source of backup power your home needs; with their super-silent technology they could be installed outdoor as well as at your roof top.