Why Diesel Generators?


The first and most common reason to opt for this type of generator is the ease of access. Diesel fuel is an energy source that is fairly cost-effective and widely available throughout the world. Other sources aren’t as easy to come by in rural areas where generated power is an important part of operations or in places where infrastructure doesn’t match the need for electrical output. Simply put, diesel generators are the most optimum solution for getting power in certain work environments with limited resources.


Second, diesel generators are reliable. While budget, green credentials, and other factors contribute to the choice of the generator, the primary objective is that it provides power when needed, and none offer the reliability of diesel generators. The sustained growth of the market may also be attributed to a rise in technology for the industry. 


The incorporation of resilient engine parts such as hardened valves increases efficiency and performance. This ability to adapt and improve, as we’ll see later, is a key reason why diesel generators are likely to remain popular far into the future.


The diesel generator industry is thriving and slated to grow over the next ten years. While natural gas (with its falling prices and cleaner energy) and other green initiatives have an effect on sales, the need for reliable portable and backup energy is still paramount.

t the same time, the diesel generator industry is not blind to competing pressures and is responding accordingly.

Cleaner and more efficient diesel technology such as exhaust after-treatment and engine control systems are already in use. Integration with battery storage and renewable alternatives – named hybrid systems – are likely to grow as efforts are made to retain the advantages of diesel while offsetting its drawbacks. 


One of the most important criteria for usage of diesel generators is their ability to comply with the requirements of California’s commercial generator regulations called to help to keep people and businesses safe. Here at United Tech Power, we strive to help people to have affordable but safe backup power, that's why our products are made in total compliance with California Air Resource Board (CARB).

Below you can find the results of emission tests which are matching all necessary requirements.

California Air Resources Board (CARB) Emission Executive Order 2022

United States Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) 2022 Model Year

California Air Resources Board (CARB) Emission Executive Order 2022

The happiness of our clients is our major priority, and we are working hard to provide reliable and affordable diesel power generators, and every new satisfied client makes us feel proud of what we do.


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