The consequences of a power failure in a bank or financial institution could be devastating. Besides the inability to complete customer transactions, there’s the potential for exposure of sensitive customer data — a data breach could create a significant liability issue that causes permanent damage to the institution’s reputation.


Emergency power generators are must-have items for banking and financial institutions. A backup diesel generator will activate automatically within seconds of an outage and keep all electrically connected systems up and running. A reliable commercial diesel generator for banks can even provide a continuous power supply if electricity from the grid is unavailable for a few hours, several days or longer.


Emergency diesel generators for banks will mitigate the risks of a power loss by:


  • Enabling the institution to move forward with its standard business processes and continue to serve its customers
  • Maintaining the functionality of the building’s doors so that customers and employees can enter and exit freely
  • Ensuring the operation of the building’s alarm systems
  • Helping to safeguard sensitive customer data and keep it out of the hands of cybercriminals
  • Keeping ATM terminals functioning
  • Allowing call centers to stay open to field customer inquiries
  • Enabling customers to access online banking platforms and keeping related security protocols in place
  • Additionally, backup generators can help the bank maintain compliance with federal data protection and privacy regulations

United Tech Power can provide dependable diesel emergency power generators for banks. You’ll find a wide selection of top-quality diesel generators in various sizes and capacities. 

We store our generators in our LA warehouse ensuring fast delivery to your facility. If you’re not sure which model is the best match for your financial institution, our knowledgeable experts can help you make the right decision.


Super silent diesel generators from United Tech Power can also play a vital role in your bank’s disaster recovery plan. If a severe storm or other catastrophic event causes a power outage that interrupts the supply of grid electricity for an extended period, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you can keep your business operating.


Make sure your financial institution will always have a reliable power source to keep you up and running during an emergency. Take a moment to explore our inventory of high-quality industrial diesel generators for banks, and feel free to contact us for product and pricing information.