local governments

Each state divides its territories into in counties, cities, towns, borrows, and villages. Governmental jurisdiction dictates the structure. Each county, city, town, etc. provides services to residents and businesses. Local municipalities are the local governmental entities that provide some of the following services: 

  • Water Supply - Treatment and distribution of drinking water
  • Waste Water Treatment - Processing of sewage and waste water
  • Power Generation and Natural Gas Supply - Local light and gas providers
  • Health Services - State or local health service providers
  • Public Transportation - Electric subways and elevated trains
  • Public Facilities - Court houses, schools, libraries, court houses and police stations

Today's society expects the water to run when we turn on the facet, and a room to be illuminated at the flip of a switch. Emergency services are provided at the touch of a button via a vast communication network. Those we depend on for services, now considered commonplace, require dependable power to execute their duties efficiently. Not every municipality that provideds service is in a life or death situation with a power interruption, but a lack of power can upset the normal daily routine at a minimum.


Here in California, we provide generator service and maintenance to numerous local city municipalities thorughout the state. These municipalities use generators for water pumps, lift stations, wastewater treatment, and for backup power to commercial buildings.

Natural disasters, aging electrical infrastructure, and accidents attributed to human error are all significant contributors to loss of power to municipalities, residents, and industry. Installing a backup power supply is the obvious answer.


There is more than one option when installing a backup power supply. Solar energy is an expensive solution that requires the use of batteries, converters, and inverters, in addition to any switching devices. Batteries require planned maintenance and power ends when the batteries discharge. However, diesel generators offer a long-term solution to power loss.


Diesel engine powered generators are developed for almost all applications and can be modified for extreme operating conditions. These units are manufactured in sound attenuated cabinets, complete with intake, cooling, exhaust, and control/monitoring systems. Large fuel tanks offer fuel for extended operating periods. For facilities that require indoor generators, skid mounted generators are designed as a complete system. They connect to facility fuel, intake, and exhaust systems.


Low hour generators can be the solution to emergency power generation requirement. United Tech Power can customize the generator for extreme operating conditions. Give us a call for quick delivery of your needed diesel generator. 


Water & sewage treatment plants play a vital role in our everyday lives, even if we don’t realize it. These plants remove physical, biological, and chemical contaminants from waste water. If the power were to go out due to inclement weather, winter weather storms, natural or man-made disasters, or a power grid failure, not only would waste water treatment be affected, but it could even affect the availability of clean drinking water. Considering that these facilities play such a vital role, a reliable source of power is required to help ensure that operations can continue even in the event of a power outage. Backup commercial diesel powered generators are a sound solution when it comes to emergency backup power for these facilities.


When installing a commercial backup diesel generator for a sewage & water treatment plant, it’s important to note that it is not a simple matter of buying a generator and installing it on-site at the facility. The generator must be properly sized to meet the facility’s power needs, installed safely and properly, as well as regularly serviced & maintained.


As a local company, we value our emergency services for their commitment to keeping our community safe and healthy. Our fire departments, police power, and EMT services save lives. Standby emergency generators are an important component of these organizations. If you lose power, our emergency generators respond within seconds without compromising your equipment or products necessary to perform your services. Contact a member of our team to learn more about how our business can help you and our community

United Tech Power knows what models work best for your application and the modifications necessary to ensure your unit operates in the manner intended. We are industry experts in providing diesel generator solutions to clients in California.

Trust your next project to the company with the experience and skills to get the job done.