An undeniable fact when it comes to commercial diesel generators is that they are expensive when assessing upfront costs. The cost to purchase is often very expensive when buying a commercial diesel generator, which can deter many business owners from installing a commercial diesel generator for their backup power generation needs.

Commercial diesel generators are often considered vital when it comes to many business operations, industrial applications, and facilities, but what about businesses who cannot afford the upfront cost of a commercial diesel generator?

United Tech Power offers options, such as financing and leasing for companies that are looking to install commercial generators to help safeguard their businesses from loss due to power outages.

United Tech Power offers flexible financing options for companies and provide peace of mind by getting the backup power they need now and pay later. Financing a diesel power generator is a great way to ensure that you have all the safeguards to your business such as power outages due to natural disasters, inclement weather, or the aging power grid, which will allow your business to mitigate loss of profits and productivity, as well as maintain a safe working environment for you and your employees. Financing a diesel generator means that installed payments will be made over a specified duration, until the generator is completely paid off.


If your company is in need of a silent diesel generator for business operations, industrial applications, or facilities, but cannot afford the upfront cost of acquisition, please reach out to us at United Tech Power!

We will work with you to create a financing or leasing plan that best fits your budget.