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Ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of your customers is critical in building a positive reputation for your hotel. One way to guarantee that you can always supply the service and power your business demands is to plan for emergency backup power.

At United Tech Power, we carry many different models and sizes of diesel generators for hotels and other commercial buildings. We can help you choose the right size and power for your generator as well as the switches and relays necessary for automatic switching to your backup power source.


More than in many other industries, the customers in hotels expect top-notch service at all times. While you can lose your primary power for a variety of reasons, including storms, electrical infrastructure maintenance or failure, system overloading, etc., there’s an easy solution.

Install a backup industrial diesel generator that provides ample power for all of your hotel installations. When we’re helping you size a generator for your facility, we consider the following criteria:

Hotels: We’ll need information on the number of rooms, typical equipment in each rooms (TVs, lights, fridges, heating), electrical equipment in common areas (lights, computers, alarms, elevators), high-consumption installations (heated pools, kitchens, saunas, gyms) and any other electrical equipment you count on to satisfy your customers.

Once you’ve compiled this information, we can start to calculate just how much backup power you need and can calculate your exact power requirements. With a wide range of power generators available , we never push you into a certain type of generator. We always strive to find the perfect backup diesel power generator for your hotel to ensure the power stays on at all times.


If you don’t have a backup diesel power system in place or aren’t satisfied with your current installation, we invite you to contact our team here at United Tech Power. Your customers deserve the best service and guarantee that their visit to your hotel goes off without a hitch. Even if your main power goes off, the right backup diesel power generation system will keep the electricity flowing, and your customers won’t be the wiser. That’s what a reliable commercial or industrial backup power solution is all about, so equip your hotel today and keep your positive reputation intact.

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