Having the power go off can be extremely disruptive for educational institutions. It’s important to stick to classroom schedules and avoid unplanned days off, so course material gets covered without distraction. One way to ensure your school, college, university or other educational institution can keep teaching even when the primary power grid fails is to install a powerful and reliable backup diesel generator.


Regardless of whether it’s a preschool, middle school, high school, or university, losing power in educational institutions and facilities not only result in lost time for lessons and educational disruptions, but could also jeopardize the safety of the students and faculty as well.

Loss of power without a backup commercial generator doesn’t simply equate to the lights going out. Power loss could also result in loss of sufficient heating or air conditioning, creating unsafe temperatures and environments for both students and faculty, sump pumps for university-provided housing could fail, causing flooding and pose threats to students inhabiting the building, and wide-spread panic could result in serious or even grave injuries.

Additionally, campus medical facilities and medical universities that not only have in-patient, outpatient, urgent care centers, and research labs could be negatively impacted. Lab and medical equipment could go down due to power loss, such as ventilation hoods that filter chemical fumes, medical equipment for patients that are being treated by students in their residency, or other critical life-saving tools.

In the past, there have been countless power outages that have affected university students, such as in Illinois & Texas, which not only left students without power, but also added stress due to these outages occurring during final exam week.

Depending on the outcome of an event such as power loss, your facility may lose credibility and face diminishing enrollment or even legal damages going forward, as parents may lobby against the lack of safety and precautionary measures against your facility or institution.


One way to ensure your school, university, or other educational institution can ensure the safety of your students and faculty, as well as keep those lessons going is to install a powerful and reliable diesel power generator for when the primary source of power fails.


With a carefully selected machine from United Tech Power, you can get a reliable backup power solution. United Tech Power is ready to offer an extensive selection of industrial emergency diesel power systems at a range of different-rated capacities and price points. We are working with the leading manufacturers such as Caterpillar®, Cummins, Kohler, John Deere and more. Because we are an independent dealer, we have no quotas or corporate obligations to meet, and are free to recommend the best unit for your needs.


All our emergency and standby diesel power systems for colleges and universities are extensively tested prior to sale and confirmed to be in full working condition. Our units are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. Browse our inventory by clicking here, or contact our office to speak with a sales representative directly.


Selecting a diesel generator that will provide sufficient power to keep you running in an emergency is critical. Let a United Tech Power representative go over your requirements and match you with a high-quality super silent unit If buying outright isn’t an option for your business, don’t worry. We offer long-term renting arrangements that are an affordable alternative that still ensures you get a machine you can count on and trust.

Whether you’re buying or renting, United Tech Power is proud to offer complete turnkey service for all used backup diesel generators. If you wish, we can coordinate the delivery, installation and testing of your purchase. 

We also provide long-term rental options for educational institutions and facilities that need temporary backup power for emergency situations.